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Theories and academic research are truly a new dimension I found interesting recently. Though I consider myself a NOOB in this field of work; but hey, everybody puts their pants one leg at a time, right?

Anybody cares about Female Masculinity?

The breakthrough in high technology carried out by young people seems to be the motor of Elizabeth Holmes to establish a biotech company “Theranos” at the age of 19 and decided to leave Standford University. With the ability to present herself and her courage to take risks, Holmes became the figure of hope and positioned by the media as “The Next Steve Jobs”. Holmes claims that she can make a product that is capable of detecting a variety of diseases only from a drop of blood, different from the current method that uses blood vials and a long time to process. Unfortunately, everything tumbled after its superior product, Edison, was declared a failure by the FDA. The formulation of the problem in this study is how Holmes made her presentation in the midst of a very masculine industry.

This study uses interpretive qualitative analysis using the dramaturgy approach of Geoffman as well as Leary-Kowalski, analyzing the self presentation of Holmes, including the use of black turtlenecks, heavy voices, and masculine behavior, as well as the way to look at others deeply, to it is mentioned that Holmes rarely blinks. The content analyzed in this study was through a documentary film, entitled “The Inventor: Out of Blood of Silicon Valley” as well as many video contents from Youtube and other documentation.

The conclusion that can be taken from this analysis is that Holmes was keen to set up her presentation strategy as a female-masculine leader, to strengthen her position in Silicon Valley as Theranos’ initiator, until she managed to get up to billions of dollars in funding from many top investors, and personal appreciation from the Presidents.

Female Masculinity

Go Fish!

It has been announced by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries that one from three Indonesian children is experiencing stunting or the impaired growth and development that children experience from poor nutrition, repeated infection, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation. To make the situation not
worsen, the Government has launched “Gemarikan” or “the liking of eating fish” through their work platform “Nawa Cita 5”, which socialized actively to the Indonesian community nationwide.

Trainings on nutrition and health, fish bazaar, theme song competition, and logo competition, are some of the activities in socializing the Gemarikan program, whilst the other interactive program is The National Culinary Cooking Competition: “Menuju Istana – Lomba Masak Ikan Nusantara”, which developed by Femina Media.

Through the competition, the Government hopes that the people will be able to learn switching their eating habits to eat more fish dishes that are rich in protein and high in essential nutrition. In the end, the stunting risk in Indonesia will decrease and subside.

This paper describes all the details of the competition which developed by Femina Media, which were developed using beyond communications or 360 platform campaign concepts. The communication model that is used in the analysis is the communication Model by Berlo or SMCR Model. As the communication channels in this event are the traditional media and new media – Internet and social media.

The analysis is prepared through descriptive qualitative study, by interviewing the event organizer, and also by document studies, such as event proposal and reports. 

The event itself was developed through three basic steps, which are education and awareness, the big event, and the amplification. The conclusions that can be drawn from this analysis are, as the first competition that opens the opportunity to the participants to meet the President and be able to cook in the State Palace kitchen, the competition preparation need a longer period of time, so it will attract more participants nationwide. There are many people that can contribute in this event, by their innovative work in creating new fish dishes. In addition, more attention is needed in the amplification stage as the support of the socialization, to maintain the attention of the audience to this Government program, especially with the discourse to hold similar activities in 2018. 

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